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We've packed two decades of innovation and expertise into our new flexible, powerful, superfast product Rezi. We've made sure it is totally customisable and has the most up-to-date features and functionality. Rezi has been designed specifically for the property industry, to help you do what you need to do better and faster. There's already a waiting list, so make sure you enquire today!

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Elegant, agile, intuitive

Central property hub

Rezi keeps property information all in one place, with a powerful property hub at its centre. A single page can display the property's history, and multiple transactions for landlords, investors, and buyers and sellers alike.

Fuzzy matching

Not everything in life is black and white. Rezi allows you to vary the importance of each search criteria for each individual and scores properties against this. We show you where a property most closely matches and where it doesn't, helping you tailor your pitch.


Stunning Interface

Responsive user interface

Our great looking, easy to use interface works on all platforms. Super wide screen PCs will display more detailed information, iPads users receive less content that is optimised for a great user experience.

A user experience to remember

Rezi is a product that is simple to use. That doesn't mean it is lacking features if anything quite the opposite. We have been smart in our design to bring the features that you want quickly to the surface. Rezi is a tool you will look forward to using daily.

Real time notifications

Forewarned is forearmed... whilst on site you can keep abreast of everything happening in the office via our notification system which delivers the alerts you have chosen to receive.

Full portal integration

Complete mobile compatibility

Anytime, anyplace any device

Rezi can be used on a multitude of devices and browsers so it makes it easier to use when you are on the move all day! Whether you want to write up a valuation on your tablet device, check your appointments on your mobile phone or use your home PC out of hours, you can with Rezi.

Hot desking

Staff can use a single set of logon details across branches, and automatically have their dashboard updated with relevant information.



From setting up simple custom fields and workflows for the unique way you work to totally re-writing the entire system, Rezi can fit in with your business processes as much or as little as you like. Rezi keeps complicated sales simple!


Every second counts

Rezi was built from the ground up with design and performance at the very core. Our development team get surprisingly excited about every millisecond saved and streamlining user journeys.


Ahead of its time so you're ahead of the game

Established 15 years ago, Dezrez has earned a reputation as a technical pioneer in the eyes of UK estate agents. It is now the most widely used independent software provider in the UK with more than 1,500 estate agency branches benefiting from its technology.

About us

Since 1999 Dezrez has pioneered the use of web technology in Estate Agency software with over 20,000 customers currently using its products to run their organisation and to gain competitive advantage. The key to the company's success is that it listens to its customers and has never stood still. It has grown phenomenally since it was formed, mainly because estate agents trust its expertise and unique ability to both technically innovate and deliver the services and support they need to be competitive.

It is this focus on good quality customer service that has allowed the company to hold its leading position. And unlike those who talk about it, Dezrez delivers. Not only onsite training and a proactive personal account manager but, a tailored approach, reporting, and lots of intuitive online support features for customers to rapidly maximise the power of Rezi.

As well as offering software, the company has a suite of complementary services including a highly regarded legal conveyancing arm. Runner Up in 2014 LFS Best Direct Conveyancing Firm Awards; Dezrezlegal provide a high quality referral based residential conveyancing service with people at its centre. As well as a healthy commission, referrers can expect teams who understand the importance of timescales and personal contact in order to build strong relationships with introducers and clients.

Our Directors

Justin Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Pearce

Chief Technical Officer

Ross Liddell

Operations Director

Barry Nichols Grey

Financial Director

Richard Wilson

Technical Director

Kristina Grimes

Sales Director

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